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We are a mentoring service for tenants, helping them engage with landlords/Letting Agents, encouraging positive dialogue, and navigating the shortage of affordable homes in London.

Working with the best available safeguards and empowering tenants and landlords to meet face-to-face, allowing landlords to make an informed choice on the “suitability” of the tenant for their property.

We have all heard horror stories in the press, but do the press report on any stories about great tenants, who pay their rent, have good credit scores, and behave in a good tenant-like manner? No, we don’t! Why? Well, it’s just not newsworthy!

A great landlord-tenant relationship is built on mutual agreement, and that’s why we work with both landlord and tenant to ensure the tenancy is a good fit for both parties. At the end of the day – the landlord has the final say.

We work with a broad demographic of tenants, from key-workers, low-income households, those unable to work, those working part-time and full time. It’s important to note that in these unprecedented times, many more people who never previously needed to rely on Government support now depend on it to support their families. 

You pass these people every day in your community, the student working shifts at the supermarket, the nursery teacher at your local creche, the father working two jobs to make ends meet and desperate to keep his children at the same school. Children suffer so much more than you know when forced to move home, leaving their friends and family support behind.

Ask yourself, what does a tenant reliant on any form of Government support look like?  – I bet you don’t imagine an NHS worker, a full-time employed ZERO hours worker, or even a police officer?

Why do we work with rents at the Local Housing Allowance rate (LHA)? Firstly, for tenants’ affordability and secondly to protect the rental income for the landlord.

It’s important to understand that if a tenant falls on hard times, the rent can be covered by the Local Housing Allowance rate (LHA) until the tenant can find new work or recover from an illness.

We are designed as a support system within the support system.



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