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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring Service for Tenants

The tradition of having someone to support you, with their wisdom and experience is as old as time. In society, younger members depended upon the older members to pass on their hard-won knowledge and insight into staying safe, finding food and shelter, and understanding the world around them.

The word “mentor” has its roots in Greek mythology. In the Odyssey, Mentor was a character who advised and protected Odysseus’ son Telemachus, so having a mentor isn’t a fad; it’s a time-honoured practice.

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Qualities to look for in a mentor


  • A desire to develop and help others. A good mentor is sincerely interested in helping without any “official” reward. Good mentors do it because they genuinely want to see you succeed.


  • The ability and availability to commit time and energy to the mentoring relationship – mentoring takes time!


  • Current and relevant industry or organizational knowledge, expertise, and skills. The best mentors have in-depth knowledge in an area that the mentee wishes to develop.


  • A willingness to share failures and personal experiences. Mentors need to share both their “how I did it right” and their “how I did it wrong” stories. Both experiences provide valuable learning opportunities.


  • A growth mindset and learning attitude. The best teachers have always been and always will be those who remain, curious learners themselves.


  • Skill in developing others. This includes the authentic skills of active listening, asking powerful, open-ended questions, self-reflection, providing feedback, and sharing stories that include personal anecdotes, case examples, and honest insight.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

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