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Council Guaranteed Rent Scheme Brent

Lease for Life provide free LHA landlord services Brent landlords can access to find the ideal tenants for their properties.  Read on to find out more.

Many landlords in the London area are interested in their local communities, and show deep concern for the wellbeing of their tenants and those who live nearby.  But sadly, many have found that their kindness has been repaid with scorn, by selfish and ungrateful householders.  Such negative situations are certainly the exception rather than the rule, but it only takes one bad experience to make many property owners lose faith in their own judgement and shy away from engaging with the occupants of their rental properties in the future.  Sometimes, even just the stories of these ‘problem tenants’ are enough to sow seeds of mistrust, making for a state of play which does not fulfil the needs of either party.  Clearly, something needs to change.

Affordable Homes Brent

What can be done to reverse the trend of a few bad apples spoiling the private renting experience for so many others?  How can we put landlords back in control, allowing them to mange their portfolios with confidence and continue to contribute to their local communities?  Rental home owners in London sometimes end up with problem tenants even after taking great pains to screen applicants for their property.  This shows that the metrics currently used to assess the suitability of potential tenants aren’t working.  In order to chose the right people to rent affordable homes Brent landlords need to be able to decide for themselves if an individual is suitable, and this means meeting with them to open the lines of communication.  This is what Lease for Life can arrange for you.

What kinds of tenants can we bring to meet you?  Well, given that we understand the uncertainties a landlord can face, the tenant mentoring Brent specialists provide is designed to recommend only those who are suitable for your property.  These may include home hunters who might not measure up to the traditional idea of an ideal prospect, but whose circumstances mean that they will actually be the best choice for a landlord.  For example, to encourage equal housing opportunities Brent local authorities are able to offer a council guaranteed rent scheme Brent residents can access.  We can help our clients to apply for this benefit if they are eligible, as it provides a rent guarantee for landlords.  Brent families on benefits may previously have thrown up red flags in the application process, but this no longer needs to be an obstacle.  When their tenants are on local housing allowance, Brent landlords can be sure that they will be able to pay the rent, even if they experience difficulties.

Landlord Tenant Match Brent

The result of this process is that far fewer prospective tenants are ruled out of qualifying for homes due to technicalities.  This then means you can select the person you want for your property, instead of feeling compelled to go with someone just because they tick all the boxes.  After offering homes to families on universal credit, Brent property owners we have worked with in the past often couldn’t be happier with the results.


#The same is true when tenants have been on low incomes or zero-hours contracts.  The fact that these ones have found themselves in a situation which makes it difficult for them to find accommodation in London doesn’t mean that they can’t pay the rent, or that they will in any way turn out to be ‘problem tenants’.

Best of all, this service is free for property owners in this area.  If you want us to help you find a good landlord tenant match, Brent landlords can contact us today.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

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