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Council Guaranteed Rent Scheme Camden

In the Camden area, as well as throughout London and the rest of the country, finding cooperative and reliable tenants is one of the trickiest problems a landlord can face as they try to keep their letting business profitable.  If there was a way to access a rent guarantee for landlords, Camden property owners could let their properties with confidence, knowing that their expenses would be covered in any eventuality.  A way of identifying the right tenants for a given property would also be useful.  But at the time of writing, house owners often find there is precious little direct and proactive support available for those in their position.

But how can such a scheme be achieved?  Providing such a service would have to be done in an affordable way, and respect the rights of both parties to the agreement.  What is more, as with any financial arrangement, it would only be meaningful if backed up by stable and recognised organisations.  Who can offer this kind of service?

Affordable Homes Camden

Lease For Life
is a mentoring service for tenants, aimed at bringing individuals and families to a situation where they represent a viable and attractive prospect for landlords in the area of the capital where they wish to rent.  When in search of affordable homes Camden tenants may find it difficult to provide the guarantees property owners require.  Especially if they are in receipt of benefits such as universal credit, Camden homes can seem to be simply out of their reach.

But it should not be forgotten that it is in the best interests of the local authority to find equal housing opportunities Camden families can take advantage of.  Throughout the UK, it is advantageous for areas to offer a range of housing types to support diverse and sustainable communities, and London is certainly no exception.  Therefore, many measures are put in place to help home hunters find the dwellings they need.  We can help anyone looking for a rental property in Camden to navigate the requirements and qualify for help if they need it.  And when tenants are backed by a council guaranteed rent scheme, Camden landlords can let with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their tenant’s ability to pay the rent will not be suddenly undermined by a reversal of circumstances.

Landlord Tenant Match Camden

How else are local landlords benefited by the tenant mentoring Camden advisors can provide?  Well, by pre-vetting applicants and finding out what each one needs from a potential property, we can avoid situations where either party does not get what they expected.  Besides receiving local housing allowance, Camden renters may have found it hard to find a home due to working on zero hours contracts, or having low income in recent months.  We can look beyond these figures, and address the matter on as case-by-case basis to see what kind of accommodation they can realistically afford.

Best of all, to ensure a good landlord tenant match, Camden landlords are encouraged to meet their prospective tenants face-to-face, or at least by videoconference.  It should be up to you as the landlord to decide who will be permitted to live in your property, and we have found this is the best way to get to understand a person, and establish a basis for future dialogue which will facilitate any tenancy agreement.  Do you pride yourself on being a good judge of character?  Why not put that skill to good use by interviewing applicants, then together with the information we can provide, you can decide whether an individual is right for your house.

To find out how to access our free LHA landlord services, Camden landlords can contact our team today.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

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