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Affordable Homes Chelsea

Stand on Chelsea embankment and look beyond the white towers and red cables of Chelsea bridge, and you will see the Grosvenor Railway Bridge.  In the 1960s, this structure carried over 1,000 trains per day and was said to be the busiest railway bridge in the world.  Bringing trains into Victoria Station from south of the river, it is an important link for commuters and a vital part of many people’s daily lives.  Easy access to central London makes it possible for people to work, socialize, and take care of their families in this busy and vibrant locality.

Another scheme which builds bridges between London communities – metaphorically this time – are the free LHA landlord services Chelsea property owners can access.  Just as London residents need places to work, shop, and play, they also need places to live which meet their family requirements, and where they can feel safe and part of a community.  But when it comes to affordable homes Chelsea is not the first area which springs to mind.  In fact, for those on universal credit, Chelsea addresses can seem like nothing more than a pipe dream, even if they have grown up in the area.  But healthy communities need residents of a range of incomes and situations, so what can be done to bridge the gap between landlords and prospective tenants?

Landlord Tenant Match Chelsea

Just as the bridges across the Thames provide for communication links between the different boroughs, so we at Lease for Life strive to build bridges of communication between those wishing to rent property in London, and those who own such properties.  When the different parties are able to meet and talk under favourable conditions, many of the common obstacles to agreements quickly disappear.


For example, if a home hunter is in receipt of local housing allowance, Chelsea landlords can tend to see this as a red flag in terms of the suitability of the applicant.  This judgement is therefore based purely on circumstances, rather then the person’s personality or background.  Since the current economic climate means that all kinds of people, from teachers and police officers to those with young families, can need help paying the rent, many good opportunities are falling between the cracks.

How can we help you, as a landlord, to find the right occupant for your house?  Firstly, we can demystify how local housing allowance (LHA) works, and how it can benefit you as a property owner.  Think of it as a kind of council guaranteed rent scheme Chelsea families can access if their circumstances take a turn for the worse.  In order to provide equal housing opportunities Chelsea authorities are prepared to help out tenants who have strong links to the area, but are struggling to make ends meet.


So instead of representing a high risk, these home hunters actually offer peace of mind as they effectively come with a rent guarantee for landlords.  Chelsea is not the only place where this scheme is in place; in fact, residents throughout London and beyond can ask for help to stay in their homes.  But the program is especially effective here as the amount paid to each household in receipt of LHA support is based on the going rates for rentals in that area.  Therefore, landlords with properties in desirable areas actually stand to gain more by working with us.

Rent Guarantee for Landlords Chelsea

Secondly, thanks to our program to find a good landlord tenant match, Chelsea property owners are put in control of the letting of their house.  Rather than just putting forward our own favourite candidates, Lease for Life are here to give you the opportunity to decide who is best for your property and area.  Thanks to our services in tenant mentoring, Chelsea homes can be occupied by residents who will respect their landlords and community, and will be aware of the measures in place to keep the rent paid even under difficult circumstances.

According to a recent official poll, almost half of all working renters are only one paycheck away from losing their home.  Such challenging times can create worries for tenants and landlords alike, as keeping your property occupied and profitable is vital to your cashflow.  By leveraging the support available, and arranging for open and frank communication, Lease for Life are here to =build bridges within the industry and make the situation work for everyone.


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