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Lease for Life specialises in providing services that not only benefit you as the landlord but improve housing for many tenants living around the area of Ealing.  When you are looking for suitable tenants for your property, Lease for Life can provide an invaluable FREE service. 

Affordable Homes Ealing

When looking for a property investment to develop, or a start up as a landlord, a lot of people will undoubtedly look to areas that are highly sort after as a place to live.  Often, busy areas that are full of diversity, opportunities and local amenities become a desirable place to find a property, either for people looking for work that suits their skills, or to improve their lifestyle for themselves or their families.  These areas are usually also considered affluent areas, and it can be difficult for some groups of tenants, that still possess a good mix of the necessary skills for a healthy community, to find suitable properties within their means.  Therefore, the local council guaranteed rent scheme, which Ealing landlords can benefit from, was set up to provide equal housing opportunities Ealing needs.

Rent Guarantee for Landlords Ealing

We work with both tenants and landlords to provide a clear pathway to finding good tenants within the local community that will provide the housing stability both parties need.  With the local economy being, at times, so uncertain, some may live within a property that suits them, and that have a good relationship with their landlords, only to find they have to give up their tenancy when circumstances change, or the cost of living and housing rates go up.  For this reason, some housing agencies will not even consider the applications of low-income, or zero-hours bank staff and contractors.  However, the LHA can provide a rent guarantee for landlords, which Ealing tenants can apply for with our help, that provides affordable homes Ealing residents require, without compromising the interests you as the investment owner.

Here at Lease for Life, we bridge the gap between the tenant and landlord, helping to break down the barriers and misconceptions associated with tenants that require government support to find housing.  Our landlord-tenant match Ealing service encourages landlords to meet with prospective tenants to find out for themselves the character and specifications of the tenants/people who are looking for housing.  We can arrange everything, liaising between you and the interested parties.  However, at all times, you are the one that has the final say as to who you will sign a tenancy agreement with you.

Tenant Mentoring Ealing

Our tenant mentoring Ealing based service ensures that the tenants we introduce to you are ready with the local housing allowance Ealing councils have available before we present them for the properties in the area and that we have helped them with any other support they may need such as universal credit.  Ealing landlords can therefore consider the applicants for their properties purely based on whether you believe they are suited to the home itself and your particular tenancy agreement.  With more choice in the market for suitable residents for your property, you will be more likely to find someone who is as dedicated to the care, appreciative of the property as you are, and prepared to stay in that property for longer, therefore reducing a high turnover of tenants which can increase overall upkeep costs for you.

If you are interested in our 100% free LHA landlord services Ealing has available, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts, dedicated to supporting you in providing your housing investment to those who deserve it in the local community.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

Want to join our Mentor Program?

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