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Property owners who choose to let their property out in Hounslow can benefit from our services here at Lease for Life.  We work along with landlords and prospective tenants to make finding the right tenant for your property easier.

Landlord Tenant Match Hounslow

If you own any property in the Hounslow area, you may have heard of government schemes that are designed to provide equal housing opportunities for Hounslow residents can benefit from.  How do you, though, search through the many applicants who may need governmental support, to find the right family and tenants for you and the property you have to offer?

Free LHA Landlord Services Hounslow

Here at Lease for Life, we provide a FREE landlord-tenant match Hounslow service that makes sure all applicants that are interested in your rental property are fully vetted and prepared to provide a rent guarantee for landlords, Hounslow property owners need to protect their interests and ensure they get back what they deserve from their property investment.  Due to the many applicants that need a home in the area, it can be difficult finding someone who will care for and value your property as much as you do.  When we help you find the right tenants for you using our tenant mentoring, Hounslow based landlords may also find they have a lower turnover of tenants because with the council guaranteed rent scheme, Hounslow residents can stay in the properties they are happy in for the duration of your tenancy agreements.  This, in turn, cuts down any costs associated with preparing your property for new tenants.

Our 100% FREE LHA landlord services, which Hounslow property owners can arrange with us, means that you do not need to sacrifice a percentage of your budget to a housing agency that may only have a limited number of applicants available.  Most agencies usually only carry out basic checks, such as employment and income levels.  However, this does not give you, as a landlord, a full picture of the applicant’s suitability for your tenancy.  With the economy being uncertain, and the housing rates and cost of living inevitably increasing as time goes on, it is a fact that regardless of profession and job role, many today may require extra income support.  Our mentoring services ensure that each applicant has everything they need in place before agreeing with you on a tenancy.  At all times, however, it is you that has the final say on who you let your property out to, and how long the agreement is for.  We also carry out the checks needed, such as a person’s credit history, to assure that the arrangements made will not jeopardise your interests.

Affordable Homes Hounslow

Our expert and professional team of advisers have an excellent knowledge of the various schemes and application requirements to provide each of our prospective tenants with what they need to be ready for a tenancy within the area of Hounslow.  For any area to flourish, a mix of skills and backgrounds in the people who live there is required.  This includes the low-income shift or night workers, care and nursing staff, bank staff and contractors. However, it can be a challenge for some to find suitable housing in the area they work, or where they have family present.  By helping everyone that comes to our service find affordable homes, Hounslow communities will benefit from the rich history, diversity, skills and abilities of all its residents.  With this endeavour in mind, we help applicants see if they are entitled to any extra support, such as the LHA or universal credit Hounslow locals may need to stay in their homes and chosen areas.

We can help landlords to understand and work along with the local housing allowance Hounslow has to offer, for any future tenancy.  However, if you are looking for a rent that is above the local LHA rate, we may still be of service to you.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact our team today.  We look forward to working with you.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

Want to join our Mentor Program?

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