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Council Guaranteed Rent Scheme Kensington

These are trying times for tenants and landlords alike.  Political changes, health scares, and the global economic climate have combined to cause unprecedented upheaval in the daily lives of many. And whichever side of a tenancy agreement you may fall on, these worries can have an impact on your relationships with the other parties and cause you to doubt the decisions of others who are meant to be acting in your best interests.

Where can you find advice you can rely on, with clear and concise communication about the options open to you and opportunities you may wish to take up? How can you partner with professionals who will conscientiously take care of your business, while keeping you in control when it comes to the important decisions? By offering a range of landlord services including tenant mentoring, Kensington area professionals at Lease for Life have the tools to help negotiate the best possible agreement for property owners and residents alike. To find out more about how we can achieve a landlord tenant match Kensington house owners will be happy with, read on.

Affordable Homes Kensington

In order to offer equal housing opportunities, Kensington area advisors can work to ensure potential tenants are aware of the issues when renting accommodation, and of schemes which are in place to help them if they find themselves struggling. We than facilitate meetings between these home hunters and property owners with suitable homes to offer. The final decision as to the suitability of the tenant therefore rests with the landlord, as it should.

What difficulties have arisen from recent events, and why do these affect landlords and tenants alike? Well, according to an official poll in 2019, almost half of working renters are only one paycheque away from losing their home. Things are likely even worse now, thanks to the difficulties caused by lockdowns.  2020 saw the number of households applying for universal credit almost double, including many new claimants who had never had to rely on benefits before. This has understandably led to problems for many tenants, who may have struggled to pay their rent or have lacked the evidence of income needed to find accommodation from some agencies.

Landlord Tenant Match Kensington

But these circumstances have also had a knock-on effect on landlords.  In order to maintain their properties, owners need the rent to keep coming in, and will receive nothing if the property is vacant.  In order to offer affordable homes Kensington landlords may have expected certain assurances from their prospective tenants, however residents who can fulfill these criteria are thin on the ground these days. Houses stand empty while key workers struggle to find homes, and communities have begun to suffer. Clearly, what is needed is a new way to arrange tenancies which suit everyone.

Faced with a surge of applicants for universal credit, Kensington authorities realised help was needed.  From factory workers to school teachers to police officers, it seemed like families at all levels were struggling to survive. The solution was a new loclal housing allowance Kensington residents can apply for if their circumstances take a turn for the worse.  LHA is a way residents can keep up with their rent payments while they get back on their feet, and is therefore a council guaranteed rent scheme Kensington landlords can rely on for a regular income.

As part of our free LHA landlord services, Kensington property owners can be introduced to approved house hunters who can qualify for this allowance if the run into difficulties.  This means that, not only do you get to select the tenant who is tight for your property, but can also plan based on this rent guarantee for landlords. Kensington will therefore continue to blossom and thrive, maintaining and adding to the value of your investment.

To learn more ways in which we can help you as a landlord to fill your property with the right kind of residents, contact Lease for Life today.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

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