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Council Guaranteed Rent Scheme Lambeth

Lambeth is home to a lot of dense residential, commercial and industrial areas, providing work and homes to a vast and varied population.  From those that have grown up in the area, to those that work locally and provide a valued service, having suitable accommodation that is right for their needs is vital.  Providing the suitable housing and affordable homes Lambeth needs can be a challenge, but for any community to thrive, equal housing opportunities are necessary.  That is why the local authorities provide rent schemes for anyone looking for housing in high demand areas, such as in and around London. 


Anyone looking to invest, or who has invested, in residential properties for the purpose of letting them out, needs to be able to provide their accommodation to a wide array of tenants from all these diverse circumstances and backgrounds, to ensure they have an equal chance at making their property investment a success, while also promoting the needs of the community.  For most landlords this can be difficult to achieve, while avoiding tenancies that may cost them more than the investment was worth in the long run.  This is where Lease for Life provides an invaluable free service.

The council guaranteed rent scheme Lambeth has in place helps the reliable and hardworking locals to afford the property’s rent, without jeopardising the landlords’ assets and interests.  However, it is not the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that their tenants who are in need of equal housing opportunities in Lambeth, find the right schemes or apply for such things as any universal credit Lambeth residents may require.  

How, then, can you ensure that you have the right tenants for your property, that can provide a rent guarantee for landlords?  Lambeth property owners can come to us.  We not only help with a landlord tenant match service Lambeth locals need; we also provide tenant mentoring.  Lambeth is one of the areas where we at Lease for Life offer a 100% free service that supports you in finding the right tenants for your property. 


We use our expert knowledge, and skills in working with the local landlords and communities to help everyone navigate the many pitfalls that can occur in the housing sector.  Using our experience and skills we actively promote the interests of landlords throughout the area of Lambeth.

Local rates and the cost of daily living have always fluctuated, and recent developments indicate that inflation will rise, potentially affecting everyone from the valuable shop worker, to the inventive entrepreneur.  This means that no matter who the prospective tenants are, our free LHA landlords services Lambeth locals can utilise make adequate housing, and ultimately a tenancy a landlord can trust, readily available.  It also ensures that, no matter how things change in the future, when you have found the tenancy that suits you and your properties specifications, they will not be forced to move on due to a rise in the cost of living.  Having a long-term tenant not only benefits the people and local families that live there, but it is shown to be a better investment value overall for landlords.  

To access any schemes, universal credit and information on the local housing allowance in Lambeth, please contact Lease for Life.  We make sure that all of the prospective tenants have been fully vetted, approved and prepared for their tenancy, improving upon relationships between both parties, and reducing the likelihood of any difficulties later on.  We recommend that landlords meet their prospective tenants, and we have the skills needed to facilitate such a meeting and help everyone achieve the aims and objectives they need from any arrangements made by both landlord and tenant. 


The whole process aims to help change any negative perceptions and navigate concerns that either may have regarding the area and the tenancy arrangement.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact our service today.  We are looking forward to working with you.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

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