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Council Guaranteed Rent Scheme Southwark

Are you a landlord in London? Here are some free LHA landlord services Southwark property owners can benefit from.

Having adequate housing is important to everyone. But at times, finding it in the location needed can be a challenge for prospective tenants. No matter where someone comes from, their background, education or current situation, there are times when help is required in order to find housing that will not only suit their needs now, but provide residential stability for years to come.


Everyone deserves the right to find themselves the affordable homes Southwark has to offer. It is also only right that you, as the landlord, are put in touch with reliable and suitable tenants for your homes. So, how can this be achieved?

Here at Lease for Life, we work with prospective tenants to help bring together the right candidates with the right landlords. It is becoming harder and harder for those that grew up and have family in the areas surrounding London, such as Southwark, as well as those that work in the area, to find suitable places to live and remain. Even if they do not have this attachment to the area, if someone looks at Southwark as a suitable place for them and their family to live, they should have the opportunity to find a property that will accommodate their needs.


The difficulties in achieving this goal are due to the rising costs and inflation associated with housing. To help communities thrive, providing housing to everyone with a wide array of skills and circumstances, there is a council guaranteed rent scheme Southwark residents can avail themselves of, to help them find a property and landlord that is right for both parties.


However, finding and applying for this help can sometimes be difficult. To support everyone in understanding what help is available to them, and to apply for such, we work FOR FREE with both the tenants and landlords, bridging the gap between those that need the equal housing opportunities Southwark has to offer and you, the landlord, so you can get the most out of your property investment.

You not only need to consider the costs of caring for and maintaining a property, but the local rising housing costs and worth. There is a rent guarantee for landlords in Southwark, so you can price your property at the rate you require and that matches it’s worth, and so that everyone should have the chance to find a good and suitable place to live.

Our landlord tenant match Southwark service helps to provide a filter, when there are any number of candidates available, to make sure you find tenants that are as dedicated to caring for your particular property, and appreciating the opportunity for housing in Southwark, as much as you. We make this possible with our free tenant mentoring Southwark potential tenants need. We encourage you, wherever possible, and all other landlords to meet with prospective tenants, in order to understand and appreciate the values and needs of those looking for suitable housing.

In order for any community to do well, it is not enough to just provide housing to a select few. Those that have the disposable income to afford whatever housing they require should not be the only ones who can find suitable accommodation. It is also true, that just because someone has the funds available to live wherever they choose, this does not mean they will be suitable tenants for your property. By helping people apply for universal credit in Southwark, and/or a local housing allowance,


Southwark’s suitable candidates can be found and arrangements can be made for you to meet and, if the housing opportunity suits both you and the tenant, we can then arrange tenancy. By using us as your facilitator in this regard, it keeps you in full control of your assets.

We also help to dispel any misconceptions over the circumstances and backgrounds of the many varied tenants in your area. These schemes benefit all, and help to keep you from experiencing a high turnover of tenants in your property, by making it possible for them to keep living in the area

they love, without the fear it will no longer be affordable. In these times, when the economy is uncertain, this is a huge support to all who own properties in the area.

For more information, or to become a member of Lease for Life, please contact us day.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

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