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Council Guaranteed Rent Scheme Wandsworth

If you own a property in Wandsworth, that you are letting out, you no doubt recognise that you have made a good and wise investment that can reap many benefits to you as a landlord, and can benefit the local community.  However, you will also know that the housing market can be, at times, unstable and unpredictable when you factor in the changes to the economy and the diverse and ever-changing population. 


To ensure you can navigate the pitfalls, twists and turns that may come about in the future, Lease for Life offer a 100% free service that can benefit you as a landlord, as well as all of the tenants of the community your property is in.  We do this by using our vast experience and knowledge of the council guaranteed rent scheme, Wandsworth authorities have in place that will affect your investment, as well as a program of tenant mentoring Wandsworth landlords will benefit from.

The fact is that every area, no matter how affluent it is, needs a diverse and varied community to function.  We rely on people of all skills and abilities to work together to keep everything running smoothly, and benefit all.  To make this possible local authorities and councils try to ensure that they provide affordable homes, Wandsworth locals can rent and stay in, without the risk of a change in the economy or income forcing them to move on.  This can prove a challenge to landlords, who need to make enough to keep the property in good repair - affording the higher costs of the area themselves – and who need to know that the tenants living in their buildings are trustworthy and reliable.  

So, how can you provide equal housing opportunities Wandsworth requires, without the risk of harming your property or your income? 


Finding your ideal tenants and families for your property, as well as knowing how to keep up with local costs and inflation is certainly not easy, and it can be difficult finding reliable help that does not cost you too dearly.  Lease for Life helps put things in place ensuring a rent guarantee for Landlords, Wandsworth property owners need to be able to afford and maintain the premises, and to reduce or avoid a turnover of tenants with our landlord tenant match Wandsworth program. 


This provides stability for both parties to the agreement.  All of the good prospective tenants that need to benefit from the local housing allowance in Wandsworth, can be put in touch with the local landlords that suits their profile, the needs of their tenancy, and your requirements and expectations as their landlord. 

Our free LHA landlord services, Wandsworth can benefit from provides relevant information on the local rates and the arrangements put in place by the local government agencies to make housing affordable for all, no matter what job they have or situation they find themselves in.  This supports landlords by helping you to find and keep the tenants you know will help protect your investment when they value the home they live in, and the relationship they have with their landlord. 

We support prospective tenants to find and understand the support they need, such as how to access universal credit, Wandsworth local tenancy agreements require prior to renting, so that you can be sure they are prepared, and arrangements have been put in place to pay the costs of the rental property.  We therefore ensure that any tenants we support and recommend are fully vetted and mentored, ready and able to abide by the tenancy agreement from the start. 


We are proud to have received positive reviews from the many settled Wandsworth residents, now happily living and working successfully as part of the communities in the many boroughs of London. 

No matter what walk of life we come from, we are all subject to the changing times, and to avoid any possible misplacement, loss of valued relationships, or the stress related with relocation, we work hard to promote and benefit the area as a whole, from the shift worker to the business owner, and the landlords that provide the housing down to the children that are living within these premises.

For more information, please contact us today.  We look forward to working with you.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

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