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Council Guaranteed Rent Scheme Westminster

It’s great news for London landlords – Lease for Life can provide free tenant mentoring services in Westminster and beyond, to help each property owner find the right occupant for their rental house.  By helping housing applicants to make full use of local provisions, we can help landlords identify the right tenants for their properties, and benefit the local area too.  While helping people find affordable homes, Westminster landlords can reap the benefits of arrangements implemented to improve matters for both parties.

For stable and thriving communities, it is good to have a diverse demographic of residents.  When a town has residents of different backgrounds, ages and occupations, necessary roles can be filled and no undue pressure is put upon vital services.  Additionally, when individuals live in the same locality for many years, or families for generations, it adds a sense of stability and permanence to the place.  A workforce with a variety of skills and education promotes the local economy, while families of different ages make it possible for the borough to plan for the future.

Affordable Homes Westminster

For all these reasons, local authorities in London and beyond are keen to make sure a range of housing options are open to all sectors of society.  In order to offer equal housing opportunities, Westminster has a policy of supporting residents who are valuable to the community.  Therefore, there is a local housing allowance Westminster families or individuals may qualify for to help them to find and stay in accommodation and stay in the area.  Helping home hunters to find out about the support they are entitled to is one of the services we can provide here at Lease for Life.

Thanks to our free LHA landlord services, Westminster property owners can let their houses with confidence.  Why is this?  In the past, for those on benefits such as universal credit, Westminster properties could prove out of reach.  But now that there is a council guaranteed rent scheme Westminster tenants are no longer likely to find themselves in a position where they can’t pay the rent.  This is good news for landlords, as it means they don’t have to worry that the occupants of one of their houses will suddenly suffer a reversal of fortunes which will have a knock-on effect.  In fact, if a tenant becomes ill or falls on hard times, LHA will be there to help them until they recover.

Landlord Tenant Match Westminster

In addition to providing a rent guarantee for landlords, Westminster specialists from Lease for life can take extra steps in helping each tenancy agreement to be successful and mutually beneficial.  In contrast to many agencies and property services who can tend to reduce interactions to a mechanical process, we champion the value of landlords and tenants interacting personally, and establishing a dialogue which will stand them in good stead for their entire relationship.

The problem is, most letting agencies operate like a shop, where landlords provide the products and prospective householders are free to come and chose the home they want.  So long as they pass certain tests, they can move in – it doesn’t matter if these individuals are suitable for the property, or if they have a history of being ‘problem tenants’.  Our model, however, puts landlords back in control.  After all, the address is your house, and you should be able to decide who lives there.  By giving landlords a hands-on role in the process of letting their property, we increase the chances of any problems being ironed out before they come up.  Each landlord tenant match Westminster agents achieve therefore benefits both parties, and the community as well.

To learn more about our services including tenant mentoring Westminster landlords can contact our team.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

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