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Council Guaranteed Rent Scheme Tower Hamlets

Here at Lease for Life, we provide a free service that benefits Landlords with properties in Tower Hamlets. How so?

With the cost of living continuously increasing it can be difficult for anyone, regardless of past, or present circumstances to find a suitable home for them and their families, without the worry that they may need to vacate the premises again in the near future. We know how unsettling this can be to both the tenants and the landlords, especially when you have found a person or family that are the ideal tenants for your property. Here at Lease for Life, we work with both landlords and tenants to make sure this issue is avoided, by using our vast knowledge of the housing market to help good tenants access the various support and schemes available whenever the situation calls for it.

In 2008, it was recognised that local housing authorities needed to put some arrangement in place to support families that needed to find housing in the boroughs of London. As housing prices can be quite high in these areas, housing authorities needed to find a way to provide affordable homes, Tower Hamlets locals could avail themselves of, even if they are a low-income household. As a community thrives and comes together when you have a diversity of job roles and abilities from the people who live there, it was vital that Landlords can provide equal housing opportunities, Tower Hamlets residents required, while still having a rent guarantee for landlords.


Tower Hamlets is one of the areas where Lease for Life provide a service that puts you in touch with these candidates. If suitable potential tenants do not know about the local council guaranteed rent scheme Tower Hamlets has available, then you may never have the opportunity to find the perfect tenants for you.

One of our services, that helps locals find suitable housing, is our tenant mentoring. Tower Hamlets based landlords can then be put in touch directly with fully-vetted potential tenants for their properties, only after they have the needed resources in place to ensure they have the means to stay in the area and homes that they love. Just check out our landlords page where you can see for yourself some of the services we provide that makes this arrangement work for you. This arrangement also means that you, as the landlord, has the final say as to who you believe will suit your tenancy agreement.


Our landlord tenant match Tower Hamlets service, is there to help you make absolutely sure that your requirements are met by helping you find the right tenants for your property. This avoids the turmoil you and any potential tenants will experience if they have to vacate the property, and if you have a high turnover of residents. Finding people who are as dedicated to caring and respecting your property as much as you are, that have the means to meet the rent year and year can be a challenge. But with our 100% free service, we can make all of the difference.

There are many resources available to locals looking for a new home. To organise universal credit, Tower Hamlet locals must first know what circumstances allow for this kind of support. Due to the dislike, in general, that people have of filling in forms, and organising these things, only to be told that they cannot access the support they need, it can be a challenge for anyone to apply for this benefit. With our knowledge of the qualifications and requirements needed to apply for any housing support, such as a local housing allowance, Tower Hamlets residents and potential tenants can be assured of our support.

Our free LHA landlord services, Tower Hamlets can benefit from, involves matching you to the best local schemes available, and therefore the best tenant match for you, without you having to employ a local housing agency that would ultimately increase your outgoing costs; and with no tenant mentoring in place, may still not provide you with the right tenants for you. Once we have helped you find the right tenant for you in the present circumstances, our hard work on your behalf also helps that tenancy to be more secure for the future.

For more information, or to find out about your local housing allowance scheme, please contact Lease for Life.

Mentoring Service for Tenants

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